Erin (shamrockgirl18) wrote in ima_barbiegirl,

new member and plea for help!!!!

Hi everyone! I just joined this community-I have no idea what too me so long to find a community for Barbie doll collectors.

My name's Erin and I'm 24 years old. I am not a hard-core collector-the kind that keeps them all in their boxes in mint condition. I like to display mine and even play with them sometimes (when no one's around). I especially like the Barbie's that are dressed as TV/movie characters or celebrities and the Disney ones.

Right now I am desperately searching for some clothes for an Aladdin and a Jasmine doll I found at Salvation Army. They were in great condition so I couldnt pass them up, but Jasmine was naked and Aladdin only had on his vest (how embarrassing!)

I have been obsessively searching Ebay but the one auction I found that contained Alladin's pants I lost, and I keep finding pants for Jasmine, but she needs either pants and a top or a dress. Is anyone able to help me out?
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