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HUGE Inventory Clearance Sale

Lindsey's Attic

I recently updated all of my back inventory and updated all of my entries.  I simply need to move everything - fast!

I will accept ALL reasonable offers!

The breakdown of my huge store inventory is as follows:

Baseball Cards
- 30 Different Listings (I have several of most items)
Books - 82 Different Listings
CDs - 7 Different Listings
Clothes - 10 Different Listings
Household Items - 20 Different Listings
Jewelry - 43 Different Listings
NASCAR - 66 Different Listings
Purses/Bags/Wallets - 29 Different Listings
Toys - 21 Different Listings (Most from the 1980s)
Other Items - 3 Different Listings

EVERYTHING MUST GO!  I need to make room for hundreds of items that have yet to be listed.

There are a lot of great bargains!

If you don't think the prices are reasonable, make me an offer!

Help a budding entrepreneur get her first business off the ground!


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