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Am I a Barbie Girl?

Name: Anastasia Alice (but call me Alice)
Age: 20
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Height: 5’2”
Weight: 110

Color: Light blue, Black, Hot pink
Food: chicken noodle soup
Drink: vodka or iced tea
Makeup brand: mac
Hair style: Anything dyed. I adore blond hair.
Clothing brand: I don’t have one, but I love thrift clothes
Item of clothing: My blue vintage dress

Describe your ideal guy: two words: Johnny Depp
What's your usual beauty routine like: I bathe every night, in the winter I take a bath in the summer I shower. In the morning I brush my hair and pick out my clothes, that take a while I’m a clothes freak. Then I put on mascara and lip stick and brush my teeth. Pretty simple.
What one beauty product can you not live without: Mascara
Thoughts on feminism (don't know what it is...look it up): Well I’m not going to shave my head and no my arm pits or anything but I think it’s silly the amount of girls who hate feminists, while basking in the freedom of having equal rights.
Why are you a barbie: Cuz my tits are plastic and my feet are permanately pointed.
Tell us any way to make this community better: vote and promote. I have nothing better to do.
Promote us in a community or to a friend (unless it's in your info): I put it in my info, I’m new to livejournal and don’t have friends yet.
Now please post 3-6 pictures. Please try to resize them if they're big.

I hope they work, photobuckets being bitchy today.

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