Sara (saradancer) wrote in ima_barbiegirl,

Am I a Barbie Girl?


: Sara
Age: 15
Location: Arizona
Height: 5'4
Weight: 113

Color: pink
Food: rice!!
Drink: water
Makeup brand: NYC
Hair style: down...I just always think it's so perty
Clothing brand: For me, it's more of the item. I like some things from Charlotte Russe and some things from Wal Mart- it all depends
Item of clothing: my pink coat!! (You'll see )

Describe your ideal guy: Likes me for me, has beautiful eyes, accepts the fact that girls like to shop!!
What's your usual beauty routine like: black NYC eyeliner, black Maybeline or Cover Girl mascara, SMACKERS strawberry garnett glaze lip gloss
What one beauty product can you not live without: chap stick!!!
Thoughts on feminism (don't know what it is...look it up): I think every woman is unique and beautiful in her own way, and I think women should understand that, and should never feel inferior because of their sex
Why are you a barbie: Pink is my signature color!! :)
Tell us any way to make this community better: From what I've seen so far, there isn't much that needs to be done!!
Promote us in a community or to a friend (unless it's in your info): In my user info! :)
Now please post 3-6 pictures. Please try to resize them if they're big.
 My pink coat!! in the woods!

 My friend Hannah and I before Homecoming (I'm obviously the one on the right! ) :)

 Not quite 150x150, but I tried :)

Thanks to everyone who reviews my app!
xoxo, Sara

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